[systemd-devel] multi-user.target only wants network.service if I'm doing 'systemct show runlevel3.target'

Francis Moreau francis.moro at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 02:19:04 PST 2014


I've a very weird behaviour with systemd 217:

# systemctl show -p Wants multi-user.target | grep network.service
# systemctl show -p Wants runlevel3.target | grep network.service
Wants= ... network.service ...
# systemctl show -p Wants multi-user.target | grep network.service
Wants=... network.service ...

So basically the network.service is not part of the multi-user target
dependencies. But if I'm showing the state of the runlevel3 target, the
network service magically becomes a dep of multi-user.target.

The network.service is an sysv service which is started by rc[345].d and
has in its LSB:

Provide: $network

Could anybody clarify what I'm facing ?

Also it appears that runlevel3 target is an alias for multi-user one.
Could anybody where this alias is done ? If that's in the source code of
systemd I would be curious to see where exactly.

Thanks !

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