[systemd-devel] [ANNOUNCE] systemd v218

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Wed Dec 10 16:16:15 PST 2014


Here's the next version of systemd, v218:


Many many bug fixes, some new features, and a lot of code cleanups!


        * When querying unit file enablement status (for example via
          "systemctl is-enabled"), a new state "indirect" is now known
          which indicates that a unit might not be enabled itself, but
          another unit listed in its Alias= setting might be.

        * Similar to the various existing ConditionXYZ= settings for
          units there are now matching AssertXYZ= settings. While
          failing conditions cause a unit to be skipped, but its job
          to succeed, failing assertions declared like this will cause
          a unit start operation and its job to fail.

        * hostnamed now knows a new chassis type "embedded".

        * systemctl gained a new "edit" command. When used on a unit
          file this allows extending unit files with .d/ drop-in
          configuration snippets or editing the full file (after
          copying it from /usr/lib to /etc). This will invoke the
          user's editor (as configured with $EDITOR), and reload the
          modified configuration after editing.

        * "systemctl status" now shows the suggested enablement state
          for a unit, as declared in the (usually vendor-supplied)
          system preset files.

        * nss-myhostname will now resolve the single-label host name
          "gateway" to the locally configured default IP routing
          gateways, ordered by their metrics. This assigns a stable
          name to the used gateways, regardless which ones are
          currently configured. Note that the name will only be
          resolved after all other name sources (if nss-myhostname is
          configured properly) and should hence not negatively impact
          systems that use the single-label host name "gateway" in
          other contexts.

        * systemd-inhibit now allows filtering by mode when listing

        * Scope and service units gained a new "Delegate" boolean
          property, which when set allows processes running inside the
          unit to further partition resources. This is primarily
          useful for systemd user instances as well as container

        * journald will now pick up audit messages directly from
          the kernel, and log them like any other log message. The
          audit fields are split up and fully indexed. This means that
          journalctl in many ways is now a (nicer!) alternative to
          ausearch, the traditional audit client. Note that this
          implements only a minimal audit client, if you want the
          special audit modes like reboot-on-log-overflow, please use
          the traditional auditd instead, which can be used in
          parallel to journald.

        * The ConditionSecurity= unit file option now understands the
          special string "audit" to check whether auditing is

        * journalctl gained two new commands --vacuum-size= and
          --vacuum-time= to delete old journal files until the
          remaining ones take up no more the specified size on disk,
          or are not older than the specified time.

        * A new, native PPPoE library has been added to sd-network,
          systemd's library of light-weight networking protocols. This
          library will be used in a future version of networkd to
          enable PPPoE communication without an external pppd daemon.

        * The busctl tool now understands a new "capture" verb that
          works similar to "monitor", but writes a packet capture
          trace to STDOUT that can be redirected to a file which is
          compatible with libcap's capture file format. This can then
          be loaded in Wireshark and similar tools to inspect bus

        * The busctl tool now understands a new "tree" verb that shows
          the object trees of a specific service on the bus, or of all

        * The busctl tool now understands a new "introspect" verb that
          shows all interfaces and members of objects on the bus,
          including their signature and values. This is particularly
          useful to get more information about bus objects shown by
          the new "busctl tree" command.

        * The busctl tool now understands new verbs "call",
          "set-property" and "get-property" for invoking bus method
          calls, setting and getting bus object properties in a
          friendly way.

        * busctl gained a new --augment-creds= argument that controls
          whether the tool shall augment credential information it
          gets from the bus with data from /proc, in a possibly
          race-ful way.

        * nspawn's --link-journal= switch gained two new values
          "try-guest" and "try-host" that work like "guest" and
          "host", but do not fail if the host has no persistent
          journalling enabled. -j is now equivalent to

        * macvlan network devices created by nspawn will now have
          stable MAC addresses.

        * A new SmackProcessLabel= unit setting has been added, which
          controls the SMACK security label processes forked off by
          the respective unit shall use.

        * If compiled with --enable-xkbcommon, systemd-localed will
          verify x11 keymap settings by compiling the given keymap. It
          will spew out warnings if the compilation fails. This
          requires libxkbcommon to be installed.

        * When a coredump is collected a larger number of metadata
          fields is now collected and included in the journal records
          created for it. More specifically control group membership,
          environment variables, memory maps, working directory,
          chroot directory, /proc/$PID/status, and a list of open file
          descriptors is now stored in the log entry.

        * The udev hwdb now contains DPI information for mice. For
          details see:


        * All systemd programs that read standalone configuration
          files in /etc now also support a corresponding series of
          .conf.d configuration directories in /etc/, /run/,
          /usr/local/lib/, /usr/lib/, and (if configured with
          --enable-split-usr) /lib/.  In particular, the following
          configuration files now have corresponding configuration
          directories: system.conf user.conf, logind.conf,
          journald.conf, sleep.conf, bootchart.conf, coredump.conf,
          resolved.conf, timesyncd.conf, journal-remote.conf, and
          journal-upload.conf.  Note that distributions should use the
          configuration directories in /usr/lib/; the directories in
          /etc/ are reserved for the system administrator.

        * systemd-rfkill will no longer take the rfkill device name
          into account when storing rfkill state on disk, as the name
          might be dynamically assigned and not stable. Instead, the
          ID_PATH udev variable combined with the rfkill type (wlan,
          bluetooth, ...) is used.

        * A new service systemd-machine-id-commit.service has been
          added. When used on systems where /etc is read-only during
          boot, and /etc/machine-id is not initialized (but an empty
          file), this service will copy the temporary machine ID
          created as replacement into /etc after the system is fully
          booted up. This is useful for systems that are freshly
          installed with a non-initialized machine ID, but should get
          a fixed machine ID for subsequent boots.

        * networkd's .netdev files now provide a large set of
          configuration parameters for VXLAN devices. Similar, the
          bridge port cost parameter is now configurable in .network
          files. There's also new support for configuring IP source
          routing. networkd .link files gained support for a new
          OriginalName= match that is useful to match against the
          original interface name the kernel assigned. .network files
          may include MTU= and MACAddress= fields for altering the MTU
          and MAC address while being connected to a specific network

        * The LUKS logic gained supported for configuring
          UUID-specific key files. There's also new support for naming
          LUKS device from the kernel command line, using the new
          luks.name= argument.

        * Timer units may now be transiently created via the bus API
          (this was previously already available for scope and service
          units). In addition it is now possible to create multiple
          transient units at the same time with a single bus call. The
          "systemd-run" tool has been updated to make use of this for
          running commands on a specified time, in at(1)-style.

        * tmpfiles gained support for "t" lines, for assigning
          extended attributes to files. Among other uses this may be
          used to assign SMACK labels to files.

        Contributions from: Alin Rauta, Alison Chaiken, Andrej
        Manduch, Bastien Nocera, Chris Atkinson, Chris Leech, Chris
        Mayo, Colin Guthrie, Colin Walters, Cristian Rodríguez,
        Daniele Medri, Daniel Mack, Dan Williams, Dan Winship, Dave
        Reisner, David Herrmann, Didier Roche, Felipe Sateler, Gavin
        Li, Hans de Goede, Harald Hoyer, Iago López Galeiras, Ivan
        Shapovalov, Jakub Filak, Jan Janssen, Jan Synacek, Joe
        Lawrence, Josh Triplett, Kay Sievers, Lennart Poettering,
        Lukas Nykryn, Łukasz Stelmach, Maciej Wereski, Mantas
        Mikulėnas, Marcel Holtmann, Martin Pitt, Maurizio Lombardi,
        Michael Biebl, Michael Chapman, Michael Marineau, Michal
        Schmidt, Michal Sekletar, Olivier Brunel, Patrik Flykt, Peter
        Hutterer, Przemyslaw Kedzierski, Rami Rosen, Ray Strode,
        Richard Schütz, Richard W.M. Jones, Ronny Chevalier, Ross
        Lagerwall, Sean Young, Stanisław Pitucha, Susant Sahani,
        Thomas Haller, Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen, Tom Gundersen,
        Torstein Husebø, Umut Tezduyar Lindskog, Vicente Olivert
        Riera, WaLyong Cho, Wesley Dawson, Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek

        -- Berlin, 2014-12-10


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat

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