[systemd-devel] Build error with 218 - undefined reference to `__start_BUS_ERROR_MAP'

Matthias Urlichs matthias at urlichs.de
Thu Dec 11 22:56:20 PST 2014


> The idea is that any .c file linked into a binary can define
> additional maps, and we collect them all simply by iterating through
> __start_BUS_ERROR_MAP to __stop_BUS_ERROR_MAP.
Unless there are none of these entries.

Umut: Does the cross compiling somehow not include any
data that are in section BUS_ERROR_MAP?

If that's actually intended, this should fix it:

char dummy_bus_error_map[0] __attribute__ ((__section__("BUS_ERROR_MAP")));

-- Matthias Urlichs
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