[systemd-devel] statically linking systemd-socket-proxyd

Vincent Batts vbatts at redhat.com
Fri Feb 28 07:06:54 PST 2014

On 28/02/14 00:24 +0100, Lennart Poettering wrote:
>On Thu, 27.02.14 15:35, Vincent Batts (vbatts at redhat.com) wrote:
>> I see that despite --enable-static listed as a ./configure flag, it is
>> not supported. Can we get a Makefile target for compiling the
>> systemd-socket-proxyd as statically linked? For it to be portable for
>> any guest container.
>As Cristian said, static linking is really a false holy grail...
>That said, the tool has exactly zero deps besides glibc. (where glibc in
>this definition consists of libpthread, librt, libc). Hence, when it
>comes to portability it gets pretty much as close to portability to
>various systems as it can get. Linux systems might vary greatly in the
>libraries they offer or have installed, but a glibc they all should

I'm completely familiar with the reasons to not statically link, like
drepper's page lists. Though it does not address portability, except for
dependency on _other_ tools which are dynamic. That is not the case
here. Bind mount in the proxyd to the root of a container, then
non-socket-activation code is transparently usable. No other tools
called. Simple enough.
glibc-static is all that is currently needed, and even if a libresolv
link is added.

Take care,
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