[systemd-devel] [logind] retroactive lid close handle upon vt switch

b3nmore b3nmore at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 21 03:33:25 PST 2015


consider two vt sessions vt1, vt2. On vt1 handle-lid-switch is
inhibited. Now the lid is closed and than a vt switch takes place (e.g.
"sleep 10 && loginctl activate vt2"). Now the system suspends. I guess
this is because the new active session has no inhibitor lock on
handle-lid-switch and therefor retroactively reacts to the closed lid.

Is this intentional or could it be changed?

Background: There are screen locker, which use the display managers
login screen for unlocking the session; e.g. light-locker + lightdm.
Locking a session involves a vt switch to display the authentication
screen. If such a locker gets started while the lid is closed, the
system suspends, even if the original session inhibited the


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