[systemd-devel] [logind] retroactive lid close handle upon vt switch

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Fri Jan 23 05:56:09 PST 2015

On Wed, 21.01.15 12:33, b3nmore (b3nmore at googlemail.com) wrote:

> Hello,
> consider two vt sessions vt1, vt2. On vt1 handle-lid-switch is
> inhibited. Now the lid is closed and than a vt switch takes place (e.g.
> "sleep 10 && loginctl activate vt2"). Now the system suspends. I guess
> this is because the new active session has no inhibitor lock on
> handle-lid-switch and therefor retroactively reacts to the closed lid.
> Is this intentional or could it be changed?

Yeah, this is intentional, button inhibtiros are bound to the active
session, as they are about processing input keys, and only the fg
session should be able to do that.

Why precisely does your original session inhibit the lid switch? If
you want to turn off the lid switch then turn it off properly,
inhibition is not really about turning something fully off. It's about
temporarily making logind not process it, for example, because you
want to process it yourself or so.

GNOME for example never inhibits the lid switch, because there's
really no reason to. Why does your DE inhibit it?


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat

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