[systemd-devel] Can kdbus send signal to the source connection?

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk
Mon Jun 15 07:43:28 PDT 2015

On 15/06/15 15:32, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> Did I get this right, you have one bus connection per thread, but
> possibly both a kdbus client and its service run from the server, and
> you want broadcast msgs sent out from one to then also be matchable by
> the other?

If this is indeed what eshark means, then "talking to yourself" like
this is something that always used to work with traditional D-Bus (as
long as you make sure to never block waiting for a reply!), so it's a
regression if it doesn't work with kdbus.

In traditional D-Bus, broadcasts go to any connection that has
registered its interest in the broadcast via AddMatch. dbus-daemon does
not discriminate between the sender of a message, and other connections
- in particular, it will send a copy of a broadcast back to its sender,
if that's what the sender asked for.

Various projects' regression tests work like this: they run the
client-side and service-side code in the same GLib main loop and do
everything asynchronously, and it works. Ideally, the only processes
involved are the test and the dbus-daemon (and under kdbus the
dbus-daemon would not be needed either).

> Can't you dispatch that locally? i.e. in addition to passing the msg
> to kdbus also enqueue it locallly along the kdbus fd, or so?

That would mean re-ordering the broadcast messages (taking them out of
their correct sequence relative to other messages), which is one of the
reasons why traditional D-Bus implementations don't optimize "messages
to yourself" in this way. One of dbus-daemon's roles is to impose a
total ordering on messages - it's the component that makes the arbitrary
decision on how the individual message streams get interleaved.

Simon McVittie
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