[systemd-devel] nilfs-cleanerd startup on boot

Kai Krakow hurikhan77 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 13:13:06 PST 2015

dennis.murata at wipro.com <dennis.murata at wipro.com> schrieb:

>> nilfs_cleanerd is invoked through /sbin/mount.nilfs2 helper. [2] The
>> helper is called from /sbin/mount if it exists.
> What is confusing to me, is an umount then a mount will start the
> nilfs_cleanerd process so it does exist on the system.  I had expected it
> to be started as soon as the file system was mounted the first time.

My first guess would be that the helper is missing in your initrd if you are 
booting from it, or it is hidden away in a partition not yet mounted at 
first mount time.

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