[systemd-devel] journalctl not showing most boots/logs

Jan Janssen medhefgo at web.de
Fri Mar 27 13:23:03 PDT 2015

On 2015-03-27 21:06, Michael Biebl wrote:
> 2015-03-27 20:45 GMT+01:00 Jan Janssen <medhefgo at web.de>:
>> Martin Pitt <martin.pitt <at> ubuntu.com> writes:
>>> Hello all,
>>> in [1] I just got a report that "journalctl --list-boots" (with
>>> persistant journal) only shows a few old boots, but not current ones.
>>> I checked this on my system (which has had persistant journal for a
>>> while), and confirm that:
>> What does "journalctl -F _BOOT_ID | wc -l" vs "journalctl --list-boots | wc
>> -l" say?
> I can confirm the issue:
> # journalctl -F _BOOT_ID | wc -l
> 160
> # journalctl --list-boots | wc -l
> 106
> This is on an ext4, no separate /var partition.

Well, the one reason I could think of right now is that there must be 
some corrupted journals in there. Can you see if there are any using 
--verify and then moving them out of the journal directory?

journalctl -F vs journalctl --list-boots use different code paths while 
digging through the journal. Afaik, one of them is stricter when it 
comes to interleaving intact and corrupted journals.


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