[systemd-devel] Add User to group "video"

Martin Vogt mvogt1 at gmail.com
Thu May 7 02:30:57 PDT 2015


I try to give any user rw permissions on /dev/nvidia*.

Usually this is done by adding the user to group "video", but
here the group is configured on NIS and I cannot change it.

So my idea was, to add every user to group "video" during
login. (Or change the permissions to 666 on /dev/nvidia*)

Changing the permission with udev seems not to be possible,
my experiments showed that writing a udev.rule like


KERNEL=="nvidia*", MODE="0777"

is not executed at all. I always end up with MODE="0660".
So is there a possibilty that every users who logs in, gets the group video?


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