[systemd-devel] Booting to systemd in a chroot

JT Olds jtolds at xnet5.com
Thu May 14 13:30:57 PDT 2015

> Since you are reinstalling anyways, I'd suggest trying out btrfs as your
> filesystem. Create separate subvolumes for each OS and you can get rid of
> chrooting anything. Plus, you can share your home subvolume if you like.

To be totally honest, I was trying this out mainly because we're evaluating
how to do an inplace upgrade for a bunch of consumer devices we run that
use Wheezy to Jessie. My laptop happened to be Wheezy so I took the plunge
with our planned upgrade path.

I work at Space Monkey and we have all these little NAS devices that are on
Wheezy and we were dumb and didn't leave space for another full os-root
partition anywhere.

So repartitioning is off the table (we could brick users' devices with
users power cycling due to being upset with waiting), but Wheezy ain't
gonna last forever, and we'd love to get some Jessie systemd hotness. We're
looking for a way to do a full system upgrade that can happen relatively
atomically, and I think we might be on to something with pivot_root.

> The cool factor is, BTW, that you could deduplicate all your OS
> installations so file systems blocks become shared that are equal
> throughout
> the OS set, resulting in lower disk space usage.

Yeah that is pretty swanky. I might do that on my laptop after I'm done
figuring out what we're going to do for our consumer devices.

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