[systemd-devel] Booting to systemd in a chroot

Colin Walters walters at verbum.org
Thu May 14 14:47:02 PDT 2015

On Thu, May 14, 2015, at 04:30 PM, JT Olds wrote:
>> Since you are reinstalling anyways, I'd suggest trying out btrfs
>> as your
filesystem. Create separate subvolumes for each OS and you can
get rid of
chrooting anything. Plus, you can share your home subvolume if you like.
> To be totally honest, I was trying this out mainly because we're
> evaluating how to do an inplace upgrade for a bunch of consumer
> devices we run that use Wheezy to Jessie. My laptop happened to be
> Wheezy so I took the plunge with our planned upgrade path.
> I work at Space Monkey and we have all these little NAS devices that
> are on Wheezy and we were dumb and didn't leave space for another full
> os-root partition anywhere.
> So repartitioning is off the table (we could brick users' devices with
> users power cycling due to being upset with waiting), but Wheezy ain't
> gonna last forever, and we'd love to get some Jessie systemd hotness.
> We're looking for a way to do a full system upgrade that can happen
> relatively atomically, and I think we might be on to something with
> pivot_root.

This is one of the use cases that https://live.gnome.org/Projects/OSTree
is designed for.

A recent thread is:

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