[systemd-devel] Timers and Service Conditions

Merten Sach merten at tabinin.eu
Thu May 21 01:55:28 PDT 2015


I was also able to reproduce the problem using a clean Fedora 22 Beta with
systemd 219.


On 19/05/15 16:57, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> On Thu, 02.04.15 12:01, Merten Sach (merten at tabinin.eu) wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a problem with a timer that trigges a service that has a condition set.
>> The timer defines the following properties:
>>   [Timer]
>>   OnBootSec=1h
>>   OnUnitInactiveSec=1h
>>   Unit=autobackup@%i.service
>> The service unit set the following condition:
>>   ConditionACPower=true
>> When I'm now on AC power the service is never active and, therefor, the inactive
>> timestamp is never set. This causes the timer to be triggered repeatedly which
>> causes a very high system load.
>> I want to keep the timer relative to bootup. So, can I avoid OnCalendar= ?
> Hmm, so I tried to reproduce this issue here, bu I couldn't. I used
> the same unit files as you propose, but this works cleanly, as the
> code already contains checks that if the triggered unit doesn't have
> an initialized inactive timestamp we'll fall back to the last trigger
> time of the unit. And if that's not set, we'll simply not set any
> timer...
> Hence, which version of systemd did you run this into with?
> Any chance you can check if you can reproduce this with current git or
> at least 219?
> Lennart

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