[systemd-devel] journalctl's http://localhost:19531/browse

Colin Guthrie colin at mageia.org
Mon Nov 2 03:58:42 PST 2015

Kai Hendry wrote on 02/11/15 10:44:
>> > well, systemd-journal-gatewayd serves that already, you can just use
>> > that...
> Ah! Perfect. Oh but I need a way to setup CORS so I can access it from
> my Webapp:
> http://s.natalian.org/2015-11-02/systemd-journal-gatewayd.png
> Shall I file a bug?

I suspect that you'd probably want to hide this behind some kind of
proxy for security reasons. That proxy could add appropriate
authentication (e.g IP restrictions, user auth etc) and add in any
additional headers).

I could be wrong with this suggestion, but this would be my first guess
at how you would solve this problem.



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