[systemd-devel] network interface renaming via PCI ID w/ systemd-udevd

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Thu Nov 12 01:37:56 PST 2015

On Thu, 12.11.15 02:29, Matthew Hall (mhall at mhcomputing.net) wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 07:59:03AM +0200, Mantas Mikul??nas wrote:
> > I'm not sure if udev even still _allows_ renaming to eth*, but even if it
> > does, that's explicitly not supported. (For example, between the time eth0
> > appears and the "rename to eth1" rule gets processed, another eth1 might
> > also appear, and the rename would fail.) If you want custom names, use en*
> > or port* or lan* or some other prefix.
> Let me try and put this another way. I have been using UNIX 24 years. I have 
> typed the characters eth0 so long that it's long since been hardcoded into my 
> fingers; trying to change it would drive me crazy and serve no beneficial 
> purpose besides confusing me when I am trying to get work done. The computer 
> is a tool to help me solve problems. It makes more sense to get the computer 
> to accomodate the users than the other way around.
> Dynamically populating the "eth*" namespace with random unexpected network 
> interfaces on the fly should honestly be considered a bug not a feature. If 
> they are dynamically populated then they can be placed anywhere, so why not 
> place them under net0, net1, net2, etc.?

Since time began eth* is where the kernel automatically picked iface
names from. If you want to assign your own names go for some other
namespace, or be prepared to race against the kernel, and deal with


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat

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