[systemd-devel] problems with my Centos 7, welcome emergency mode!

hans vasquez morales hans.vasquezm at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 07:00:04 PST 2015

When I log in to my pc, the following message is

Welcome emergency mode! to view system logs "journalctl -xb"

after inserting the command:

localhost system-fsck[503]: fsck failed with error 8

localhost rpcbind[312]: rpcbind terminating on signal "rpcbind -w"

localhost system[1]: /usr/lib/system-generators/anaconda-generator exited
with exit status 1

support: hhttp://list.freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/systemd-devel

localhost systemd[1]: Failed to mount NFSD configuration filesystem

localhost systemd[1]: Dependency failed for GSSAPI Proxy Daemon

these are all mistakes, when I want monatr a disk to backup you can not.

Les infinitely grateful your help

*Saludos cordiales*
*Hans E. Vasquez Morales*
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