[systemd-devel] automount and user

Igor Bukanov igor at mir2.org
Wed Nov 18 05:09:53 PST 2015

On 18 November 2015 at 13:23, Lennart Poettering <lennart at poettering.net> wrote:
> The problem is with actually invoking processes such as the fuse.sshfs
> one as a non-root user.

But in my case there are no non-root processes! uid/gid options is
used just for *ownership of files and directories* under the mount
point, the fuse.sshfs process itself is run as a root. Moreover, it
uses an ssh private key that only the root can read to avoid exposing
the key to the user to minimize harm that a malware can do if the user
is infected.

In any case, I thought that I missed something, but I just need to
accept that systemd indeed does not support exposing uid/gid of the
first process that accessed the automount dir to the mount process
even if the latter runs as a root.

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