[systemd-devel] network interface renaming

Steven Abner pheonix.sja at att.net
Mon Nov 23 07:10:53 PST 2015

I have a case where I get a report of:
    systemd-networkd[260]: wlan0           : found matching network '/etc/systemd/network/11-dhcp-wlan0.network', based on potentially unpredictable ifname
From what I gathered of unique ids wlan0 shouldn't exist. I see where:
    forcedeth 0000:00:0a.0 enp0s10: renamed from eth0
and wpa_supplicant doesn't complain about wlan0. However, one could assume that more than one wireless could be
a setup and unique stable ids such as "enp0s10" would be desirable.
    So is it the driver b43 that needs the code for unique numbers? I tried a test of renaming enp0s10 to eth0 in udev
persistant rules. It appears udev no longer is supported, or I didn't get it right (as noob more than likely).
    My sequence of kernel loading looks like: Broadcom 4321 WLAN found, Listening on DBUS1: fi.w1.wpa_supplicant1,
Listening on DBUS1: fi.epitest.hostap.WPASupplicant, Started WPA supplicant daemon (interface-specific version),
Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant, Loading firmware, and then systemd-networkd[260] ( the questioned message).
    I assume its harmless message, but someone went to trouble of issuing warning in code, so I'd like to fix. This is a
LFS build, kdbus (only), systemd-227. Message had also appeared in a prior 224 build (had dbus masked by kdbus).
    Thanx, and if someone knows of quick b43 patch, or where the kernel's algorithm for forcedeth's renaming so I can create
one, or a work around other than getting rid of warning code, it would be appreciated.


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