[systemd-devel] systemd-networkd transaction destructive

Andrei Borzenkov arvidjaar at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 20:25:24 PST 2015

23.11.2015 23:59, Steve Abner пишет:
> During shut down I get:
>    systemd[1]: Requested transaction contradicts existing jobs:
> Transaction is destructive.
>    systemd-networkd.socket: Failed to queue service startup job (Maybe
> the service file is missing or not a non-template unit?): Transaction is
> destructive.
>    systemd[1]: systemd-networkd.socket: Unit entered failed state.
> I believe systemd-networkd is working correctly, my wifi downloads just
> file. I use cURL alot. Though
> Removed slice system-wpa_supplicant.slice occurs (or the print out does)
> after the above message.

systemd-networkd is socket activated on RTNETLINK messages; apparently 
after networkd is shut down more events come (I suppose wpa_supplicant 
shutdown may well trigger LINK event).

To this extent this is probably cosmetic, although annoying.

> And a side note: can you fix the one message at end to read "shutdown)."
> instead of "shutdow)."  :)
> LFS system, systemd-227, kdbus, amd64.
> Steve
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