[systemd-devel] systemd 210 - mount/umount/remount

Michael Hirmke camping at mike.franken.de
Fri Oct 14 11:18:00 UTC 2016

Hi Mantas,

thx for your answer.

>> 1. How can I prevent systemd from mounting a manually unmounted
>>    partition? The partiton should be mounted automatically during system
>>    start, though.

>First, see if you can figure out *why* systemd mounted it.

I tried to found that out, but couldn't find any reason.

>systemd shouldn't generally start any unit on a whim ? if the corresponding
>.mount was started, then it likely was either by request, or as a
>dependency of some program, or via autofs (if you use systemd.automount).

I don't use systemd.automount.
No one requested it as far as I can see.
And "systemctl list-dependencies var-backup.mount" only shows

>> 2. If I would switch from mount/umount to pure systemd behaviour for
>>    mounting and unmounting partitons in my script, would a command like
>>    "systemctl stop|start /var/backup" be sufficient?

>Looks about right, though in some cases `systemctl foo var-backup.mount`
>might be needed.

Ok, thx.

>But, I don't think it will make any difference.

>>    And how would a remount command (for read only or read write) look
>>    like?

>There isn't any. Use `mount`.


Michael Hirmke

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