[systemd-devel] systemd 210 - mount/umount/remount

Michael Hirmke camping at mike.franken.de
Fri Oct 14 11:51:00 UTC 2016


>>systemd shouldn't generally start any unit on a whim ? if the corresponding
>>.mount was started, then it likely was either by request, or as a
>>dependency of some program, or via autofs (if you use systemd.automount).

>I don't use systemd.automount.
>No one requested it as far as I can see.
>And "systemctl list-dependencies var-backup.mount" only shows

found it out:

nfsserver and postfix are depending on local-fs.target, which includes
When stopping /var/backup with systemctl, systemd also stops nfsserver
and postfix. Therefore this is not a solution, because in fact both
don't need /var/backup.
How can I solve this?


Michael Hirmke

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