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Mon Mar 13 21:25:02 UTC 2017

Hello all, hope all is well
Is there a dependency or delay that needs to be added to have volumes
attached via HBA and managed by multipathd/devmapper and lvm reliably mount
on boot?

More detail

We have some volumes connected via an hba in a Dell R630 running centos 7u2
When booting up, the volumes do not mount. Causing the server to go into
emergency mode, upon login we could see that under /dev/disk/by-uuid/ sym
links were not created. At this point we could run from the emergency
maintenance shell, partprobe or restart systemd-udev-trigger.service. This
would fully create devices under /dev/ and fully populate the links in
/dev/disk/by-uuid. Then we run mount -a. and exit the emergency shell and
server completes boot
multipath is installed and enabled

Server is in prod so I can't do further reboot testing till the weekend.
How we have it boot now is treating the volumes as x-systemd.automount with
noauto/nofail options. After an initial "ls" and/or "cd" the volumes are
available and this prevents halts during reboots

UUID=094f2d03-87a1-4c0f-9777-41d11d7e6a7d       /data03 xfs
0 2
Do I need a _netdev? Apologies not sure with systemd at the helm

thanks for any/all help
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