[systemd-devel] hanging reboot

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Thu Mar 30 16:52:39 UTC 2017

On Thu, 09.03.17 13:00, Sergei Franco (sergei.franco at gmail.com) wrote:

> Hello!
> Thank you very much for pointing out the "After" vs "Before", as in for
> ExecStop to run Before filesytem is unmounted it must be configured as
> After :).
> This fixes the Ubuntu unattended upgrades unit that prevents from hanging.
> What I would like to address for future problems like this is how to have a
> global timeout where systemd gives up and reboots anyway (regardless the
> state of the units)? Even if it is a dirty reboot.

We have that in place. It's configured to 30min however, in order to
be friendly to super-slow databases.

See "systemctl cat reboot.target":



Lennart Poettering, Red Hat

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