[systemd-devel] systemd prerelease 242-rc4

Frantisek Sumsal fsumsal at redhat.com
Tue Apr 9 14:00:58 UTC 2019

That's sounds like a good idea and it's pretty simple to do:

e.g. for a diff between v242-rc3 and v242-rc4 tag you can use either commit-based diff:
or a change-based diff:

I guess adding just a link would be better, as, for example, between
rc3 and rc4 there were 51 commits, which would result in a pretty long

On 4/9/19 3:38 PM, Colin Guthrie wrote:
> For the casual bystanders, would it be possible to include the git
> changelog for the rcN releases (where N > 1 and changelog for (N-1)..N)
> or at least a GH link to where such a changelog can be viewed?
> It's nice to get a feel for what rc2 fixes on top of rc1 for example.
> Just a thought on making the emails a more useful if it's not much
> effort from a coding perspective.
> Col
> systemd tag bot wrote on 09/04/2019 11:10:
>> A new systemd ☠️ pre-release ☠️ has just been tagged. Please download the tarball here:
>>         https://github.com/systemd/systemd/archive/v242-rc4.tar.gz
>> NOTE: This is ☠️ pre-release☠️ software. Do not run this on production systems, but please test this and report any issues you find to GitHub:
>>         https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/new?template=Bug_report.md
>> Changes since the previous release:

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