[systemd-devel] A multi-seat failure

Eythan Weg eythanweg at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 13:35:31 UTC 2019


I have presented the following issue to the debian maintainers of
systemd who suggested to approach this list. 

I have been using a  2-seated desktop for the past few years without an
hitch.  Recently, I upgraded some software, the end result of which is
that the second seat does not behave  as expected.  Lightdm runs two X
processes, one for each seat.  Seat0 is fully functional, but the mouse
and keyboard assigned to seat1 effect the monitor attached to  seat0.

The configuration I have used successfully in the past employed loginctl to
attach a video card, a keyboard, and a mouse to the second seat and
reboot.  But this scheme fails to work after the software update (which
included systemd and lightdm), with the symptoms I have mentioned.

I might add that the xorg log associated with the second seat contains
this error:

   systemd-logind: failed to get session: PID XXXX
   does not belong to any known session

Not sure of its significance.

I think the relevant software is: 
systemd  241, lightdm 1.26 xserver 1.20.4, dbus  1.12.12, kernel 5.02 . 

Would anyone suggest how to go about finding the cause?

Thank you.


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