[systemd-devel] systemd 241 released

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Thu Feb 14 10:15:54 UTC 2019

🎆 A new, official systemd release has just 🎉 been 🎊 tagged 🍾. Please download the tarball here:


Changes since the previous release:

        * The default locale can now be configured at compile time. Otherwise,
          a suitable default will be selected automatically (one of C.UTF-8,
          en_US.UTF-8, and C).

        * The version string shown by systemd and other tools now includes the
          git commit hash when built from git. An override may be specified
          during compilation, which is intended to be used by distributions to
          include the package release information.

        * systemd-cat can now filter standard input and standard error streams
          for different syslog priorities using the new --stderr-priority=

        * systemd-journald and systemd-journal-remote reject entries which
          contain too many fields (CVE-2018-16865) and set limits on the
          process' command line length (CVE-2018-16864).

        * $DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS environment variable is set by pam_systemd

        * A new network device NamePolicy "keep" is implemented for link files,
          and used by default in 99-default.link (the fallback configuration
          provided by systemd). With this policy, if the network device name
          was already set by userspace, the device will not be renamed again.
          This matches the naming scheme that was implemented before
          systemd-240. If naming-scheme < 240 is specified, the "keep" policy
          is also enabled by default, even if not specified. Effectively, this
          means that if naming-scheme >= 240 is specified, network devices will
          be renamed according to the configuration, even if they have been
          renamed already, if "keep" is not specified as the naming policy in
          the .link file. The 99-default.link file provided by systemd includes
          "keep" for backwards compatibility, but it is recommended for user
          installed .link files to *not* include it.

          The "kernel" policy, which keeps kernel names declared to be
          "persistent", now works again as documented.

        * kernel-install script now optionally takes the paths to one or more
          initrd files, and passes them to all plugins.

        * The mincore() system call has been dropped from the @system-service
          system call filter group, as it is pretty exotic and may potentially
          used for side-channel attacks.

        * -fPIE is dropped from compiler and linker options. Please specify
          -Db_pie=true option to meson to build position-independent
          executables. Note that the meson option is supported since meson-0.49.

        * The fs.protected_regular and fs.protected_fifos sysctls, which were
          added in Linux 4.19 to make some data spoofing attacks harder, are
          now enabled by default. While this will hopefully improve the
          security of most installations, it is technically a backwards
          incompatible change; to disable these sysctls again, place the
          following lines in /etc/sysctl.d/60-protected.conf or a similar file:

              fs.protected_regular = 0
              fs.protected_fifos = 0

          Note that the similar hardlink and symlink protection has been
          enabled since v199, and may be disabled likewise.

        * The files read from the EnvironmentFile= setting in unit files now
          parse backslashes inside quotes literally, matching the behaviour of
          POSIX shells.

        * udevadm trigger, udevadm control, udevadm settle and udevadm monitor
          now automatically become NOPs when run in a chroot() environment.

        * The tmpfiles.d/ "C" line type will now copy directory trees not only
          when the destination is so far missing, but also if it already exists
          as a directory and is empty. This is useful to cater for systems
          where directory trees are put together from multiple separate mount
          points but otherwise empty.

        * A new function sd_bus_close_unref() (and the associated
          sd_bus_close_unrefp()) has been added to libsystemd, that combines
          sd_bus_close() and sd_bus_unref() in one.

        * udevadm control learnt a new option for --ping for testing whether a
          systemd-udevd instance is running and reacting.

        Contributions from: Aaron Plattner, Alberts Muktupāvels, Alex Mayer,
        Ayman Bagabas, Beniamino Galvani, Burt P, Chris Down, Chris Lamb, Chris
        Morin, Christian Hesse, Claudius Ellsel, dana, Daniel Axtens, Daniele
        Medri, Dave Reisner, David Santamaría Rogado, Diego Canuhe, Dimitri
        John Ledkov, Evgeny Vereshchagin, Fabrice Fontaine, Filipe
        Brandenburger, Franck Bui, Frantisek Sumsal, govwin, Hans de Goede,
        James Hilliard, Jan Engelhardt, Jani Uusitalo, Jan Janssen, Jan
        Synacek, Jonathan McDowell, Jonathan Roemer, Jonathon Kowalski, Joost
        Heitbrink, Jörg Thalheim, Lance, Lennart Poettering, Louis Taylor,
        Lucas Werkmeister, Mantas Mikulėnas, Marc-Antoine Perennou,
        marvelousblack, Michael Biebl, Michael Sloan, Michal Sekletar, Mike
        Auty, Mike Gilbert, Mikhail Kasimov, Neil Brown, Niklas Hambüchen,
        Patrick Williams, Paul Seyfert, Peter Hutterer, Philip Withnall, Roger
        James, Ronnie P. Thomas, Ryan Gonzalez, Sam Morris, Stephan Edel,
        Stephan Gerhold, Susant Sahani, Taro Yamada, Thomas Haller, Topi
        Miettinen, YiFei Zhu, YmrDtnJu, YunQiang Su, Yu Watanabe, Zbigniew
        Jędrzejewski-Szmek, zsergeant77, Дамјан Георгиевски

        — Berlin, 2018-02-14

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