[systemd-devel] chkconfig <name> on preferred to --add?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu May 23 18:21:16 UTC 2019

Am 23.05.19 um 18:29 schrieb Roger Pack:
> As a note, if I have a sysV  /etc/init.d/name service that is "turned
> on" by "chkconfig --add name" it seems that it adds it to *different
> targets* than what "systemctl enable name" does (which appears to run
> "chkconfig name on" enabling it for all runlevels).  This seems a bit
> confusing?  is it expected?  Or perhaps my systemd version is just
> old?

chkconfig has nothing to do with systemd and is a distro-wrapper you had
7 years time to get rid of

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