[Tango-artists] We'd like to inform you about a typo on your page http://lists.freedesktop.org !

JenniferAndMartin at Billionletterhomepage.com JenniferAndMartin at Billionletterhomepage.com
Sun Apr 9 01:30:46 PDT 2006


We are Jenni and Martin from www.BillionLetterHomepage.com .
We are a young but mature couple, living in the Ruhr-area of Germany.
Jenni is finishing school soon and Martin is a
Computer-Science student at Uni since Oct. 2005.

WE set out to do AGAIN what people said would ONLY WORK ONCE!

We are selling 10 million US-Dollars worth of ordinary everyday letters.
Every country can buy a million Letters at most.
As soon as 10 million US-Dollars are made, competition ends.

We are doing this to collect start-up money for WWW.YOMEY.COM .

Do a Test-Buy to see how it works:

For more details please view 'About this Site (long version)' at:


We would like to ask you a favour and if you are not the person
to decide over this, please forward this mail to the person who can, will you?

So here is the favour we ask of you:
Please have some faith in us and buy letters on our page! Even a single
letter would be great! Of course, a hundret letters would be nice, too!
However, our letter business is at its start, and sales are going well, 
but if we could just get a few more sold, then people would
take us more seriously and stop laughing! :)

What do you get in return, you ask?...

To show you our good will we would like to inform you about a typo
on your website (we know how bugging they can be)!

So here you are:
You wrote: 'opions'
at url: http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/accessibility/2006-February/000069.html

And what will the letters do for you? You can make them click through
to your web site! And the more letters are bought on the site, the more people 
will come to see our homepage clicking on the letters, which will 
bring you more traffic!

We believe this letter business has potential to be at least 
as successful as the famous pixel site!
wow, that was a rather long mail, thank you for your time and
please consider buying some letters!


Jenni and Martin from www.BillionLetterHomepage.com

PS.: We'd like to inform you that mailing you was a one time action and will
never take place again (unless you mail us) and your
eMail adress was not saved or passed on.
Once again, we do not mean to harm you or your web site in any way,
we have no bad intentions, please forgive us if this mail was a waste
of your time!

Note about typo: If you cannot find the typo in the page's body it might
be in the title tag. If the typo is spellt like that on purpose, again
we appologize for wasting your time!

However: Browse http://www.BillionLetterHomepage.com , you'll see it's a fun website!

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