[Tango-artists] xfce4 tango-theme

Andreas Nilsson nisses.mail at home.se
Mon Apr 24 11:29:17 PDT 2006

marcin berduszek wrote:
> hi,
> I'm new one here on this mailing list.
> I konw that theres Gnome and KDE tango icon themes. Is there any chance, taht tera will be xfce ported tango?
> thanks
> --
> marcin
Hi Marcin!
This is already in the works. We're working together with the 
xubuntu-developers so that icon-naming-tools will work with the current 
naming of the icons used by xfce aswell. I also remember reading 
somewhere that the xfce-developers was working on getting xfce to follow 
the icon-naming-spec, so that xfce can make use of tango, or any other 
set of icons following the fdo icon-naming-spec.
- Andreas

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