[Tango-artists] Icon requests

Eugenia Loli-Queru eloli at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 13 12:34:01 PDT 2006

> As for the audio-tools icons, the audacity icons choice isn't very good
> as it's supposed to be a specific project logo, not a generic icon. If
> you're not happy with the audio-card icon, maybe audio-input-microphone,
> multimedia-player or audio-x-generic would do?

>From these 3, I only like the microphone one. But there are very few 
recording apps listed on gnomefiles so I don't think it's very appropriate. 
The audio-card and multimedia-player are also not very well recognizable at 
32x32. The speaker in the audio-card looks like a flower and the 
multimedia-player is just too dark and it's very difficult to figure it out. 
I believe that a Tango-ified Rhythmbox-like icon with earphones and light 
colors or a mp3 player will look much clearer. Then I would move to that in 
an instance.

> I believe somebody mentioned making an icon for a science category on
> the #tango channel. Andreas, was it you?

Thanks, I updated gnomefiles with it. Looks great!

> And last but not least, the tango icons are distributed under the
> Creative Commons Share-Alike license, please provide appropriate
> attribution by linking to the project website in the footer.

Yup, I moved most disclaimers in the ContactUs page of gnomefiles (also 
linked from the footer). The footer was getting dangerously long! :)


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