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Mike Stern Mike.Stern at Sun.COM
Mon Jun 19 14:13:10 PDT 2006

another good point.


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On Jun 18, 2006, at 7:25 AM, karderio wrote:

> On Mon, 2006-06-05 at 17:31 -0700, Mike Stern wrote:
>> The truth of the matter is that I'm not even sure that "view" is the
>> right name / concept for this action.  I haven't tinkered with this
>> application myself but after clicking 'view' I have no idea what I'm
>> supposed to do.  From the label 'view' I would expect it to open the
>> file or show me some meta information or something along those
>> lines.  Also, why have that option in the tool bar when double
>> clicking or hitting return does the same thing?  A bit overkill,  
>> no?  :D
> Also the view icon is context sensitive, depending on which file is
> selected. This may be more suited to being in the context menu. All
> other toolbar icons apply to the archive, not to files inside the
> archive.
> Love, Karderio.
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