[Tango-artists] Re: File Roller Icon Proposal

lta at creativemonsters.com lta at creativemonsters.com
Wed Jun 21 06:08:10 PDT 2006

Hey Ryan, great icon !!!  :-)

Others may feel differently, but I think the 'Belt' would be better-off brown (or another colour) than grey, giving more visual distinction/cues to the overall appearance of the icon.

That's my *only* critisism !!!  ;-)

Have fun,


>Hey gang,
>Sorry to barge right into everything here, but I have been working on a
>new file roller icon that many seem to like, so I want to bounce it off
>everybody before making it 100%.
>You can view it at:
>Let me know if you like it (this means you roller guys!). If so, I will
>make it into all sizes and formats.

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