[Tango-artists] [Fwd: Deskbar Applet]

Raphael Slinckx raphael at slinckx.net
Wed Jun 28 06:15:50 PDT 2006

Hi !

I've talked to Andreas yesterday night about a new deskbar tango icon,
and he told me to just post it here, so here is it.

If any Tango artist could make me some awesome deskbar icons, i'd be
very grateful.

The one we have currently is good, but doesn't scale at all (gets
blurry) and maybe the yellow-ish lightning isn't appropriate for an
applet (doesn't get along with other colors).

You're free to choose your metaphor, it should probably have some
kind of looking glass in it, and maybe some hints about 'action'.

Thanks a bunch !

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