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Lapo Calamandrei calamandrei at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 13:06:03 PDT 2006

I fixed the current icon and did the 22x22 version already, I'll upload them
somewhere asap

2006/6/28, Raphael Slinckx <raphael at slinckx.net>:
> Hi !
> I've talked to Andreas yesterday night about a new deskbar tango icon,
> and he told me to just post it here, so here is it.
> If any Tango artist could make me some awesome deskbar icons, i'd be
> very grateful.
> The one we have currently is good, but doesn't scale at all (gets
> blurry) and maybe the yellow-ish lightning isn't appropriate for an
> applet (doesn't get along with other colors).
> You're free to choose your metaphor, it should probably have some
> kind of looking glass in it, and maybe some hints about 'action'.
> Thanks a bunch !
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