[Tango-artists] Icon Set for Open Source App/Work

Jake Stride jake.stride at senokian.com
Thu Jun 29 12:56:42 PDT 2006


Sorry for the intrusion on the artists list but I was suggested this 
list to see if anybody was able to help.

I am the lead developer on Enterprise Groupware System (EGS - 
http://www.enterprisegroupwaresystem.org/) a GPL CRM and accounting 
package that does a whole host of things and we are looking at doing 
some work on the GUI/Web interface for the application and the website 
itself. We possibly have some money to spend on the site and icons etc 
and wondered if (1) anybody would be interested in helping and (2) how 
much you would charge/if we could afford you! Anything that was done in 
terms of the application itself would be released under the GPL.

My apologies if this is not of interest to you or do not have time but I 
thought I would ask the question.

Many Thanks


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