[Tango-artists] Icon Set for Open Source App/Work

Landy DeField landy at revelinux.com
Fri Jun 30 15:07:59 PDT 2006

Jake Stride wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry for the intrusion on the artists list but I was suggested this 
> list to see if anybody was able to help.
> I am the lead developer on Enterprise Groupware System (EGS - 
> http://www.enterprisegroupwaresystem.org/) a GPL CRM and accounting 
> package that does a whole host of things and we are looking at doing 
> some work on the GUI/Web interface for the application and the website 
> itself. We possibly have some money to spend on the site and icons etc 
> and wondered if (1) anybody would be interested in helping and (2) how 
> much you would charge/if we could afford you! Anything that was done 
> in terms of the application itself would be released under the GPL.
> My apologies if this is not of interest to you or do not have time but 
> I thought I would ask the question.
> Many Thanks
> Jake
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I am not sure how your request will workout here on this list. However I 
do know that you are more than welcome to make any request like this for 
EGS at http://Open-Collab.org .

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