[Tango-artists] Licensing Questions for Tango Icons and Derivative Icons

Peter boost at ifoley.id.au
Mon Aug 20 03:25:17 PDT 2007



[Apologies if this gets posted twice.  The first time I sent the email I was
not properly subscribed to the email list]


I would like to clarify what exactly I need to include from a licensing
perspective to use some of the Tango icons and icons that have been derived
from Tango Icons.


For more information on the use see
http://svn.boost.org/trac/boost/wiki/SvgIconsSetProject on the Boost Wiki.
This URL also shows:

*             Which icons are going to be used;

*             The derived Black and White versions of the icons (I apologize
to the original authors; my background is not in graphic design).


(Note:  Currently the PNG links for the Tango icons are not working as the
web server hosting http://tango.freedesktop.org/ appears to be having some


Currently my thoughts on what I need to do to be compatible with the License
type is to include a file located with the SVG files within the Boost
Subversion repository specifically to cover licensing.  This file
(LICENSE.txt) will include:

1.            An acknowledgement section stating that the original icons
were sourced from the Tango Desktop Project (with a URL link to the home


2.            A license section stating that the SVG files are licensed
under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike 2.5 license.  With a URL
to the official license site


Will this be sufficient or do I need to also include the Tango AUTHORS file
with the icons?


Any advice in this matter would be greatly appreciated.






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