[Tango-artists] Self Introduction: Stojance Dimitrovski (a.k.a. act1v8)

Stojance Dimitrovski sdimitrovski at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 12:24:24 PDT 2007

Hello everyone!

As I want to join the Tango project in designing icons and to do almost
anything in particular to help with the project, I'd like to introduce

Name: Stojance Dimitrovski
Location: Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Job: none, I'm a student in High School :-)

I use Tango-oriented icons on my desktop, and keep pushing my friends to
do the same thing. I don't have much of a drawing history on a computer,
but I have a pretty good history on drawing on paper. So say the few
awards on some regional championships (if you can call them that). Only
recently I started drawing on the computer with tools like Inkscape and
GIMP (I am an advanced Linux user). I know almost all of the functions
of those applications and I use them frequently. I've read all of the
guidelines of the project and understood them well.

Thank you for reading this, and for your patience.

Best regards,
Stojance Dimitrovski

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