[Tango-artists] needed icons

David Jordan david_jordan at unc.edu
Thu Aug 30 08:46:19 PDT 2007

Is there a process/procedure by which one can suggest new icons that are 
needed? For example, I have a need for an icon to represent a generic 
database. It is very commonly represented by a 3D cylinder in system 
diagrams. Alternative, an icon depicting a relational database (rows and 
columns) would be useful, but it would be far easier to render the cylinder.

I applaud the work of this group, creating an outstanding icon set.

With regards to the terms of use, I'll have a page on my site that will 
attribute Tango for its contribution of the icon set. Should this 
include the icon I find on the web page detailing terms of use (cup with 
pen/pencil, CC, human symbol, backwards C). It would be good if your 
website could define a standard set of text/graphics used for this 
purpose. I'll also include a link to your site.

David Jordan
Data Warehouse Architect
Bioinformatics Group
Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center
University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7295
mailto: david_jordan at unc.edu

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