[Tango-artists] lenovo thinkpad

Björn Martensen bjoern.martensen at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 04:03:04 PDT 2007

since i bought myself a nice t60 some weeks ago and found i started
drawing an icon for it right away, when i found it on dobey's list for
devices :)

many people said it was too dark so i lightened it up several times and
changed the screen too, so it looks more tangoish now. 

the last changes where again lighten up all the grey tones and resize
the screen size a bit, so the 2nd outlines stand out a bit more.
i liked the bigger screen too, but when used on a black background, you
can barely see the borders of the display, so i went for a smaller
screen. not sure if it looks better..

anyway, here's the complete set now and a preview png, hopefully it's
not too dark anymore ;)

i'm not sure if there should be different icons for lenovo thinkpads and
ibm thinkpads. the only visible difference between them is a small red
line on some of the buttons below the keyboard. anyway, if you think
there should be another icon for them, feel free to edit the svg files
from the lenovo thinkpad and add the red line.

Björn / baze
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