[Tango-artists] lenovo thinkpad

Björn Martensen bjoern.martensen at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 08:48:19 PDT 2007

indeed, i thought about that too, so here is a slightly larger version.


On Sun, 2007-03-18 at 10:59 -0300, Steven Garrity wrote:
> Björn Martensen wrote:
> > since i bought myself a nice t60 some weeks ago and found i started
> > drawing an icon for it right away, when i found it on dobey's list for
> > devices :)
> Looks great. I'm writing this on my T60 as well. I would suggest 
> experimenting with making the red touch-point device in the center of 
> the keyboard a bit larger/more-prominent.
> The size you have there is realistic, but since this red dot is a 
> distinctive aspect of ThinkPads, it might be a good idea to exaggerate 
> its size a little.
> Cheers,
> Steven Garrity
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