[Tango-artists] VMware-related Tango questions

Christian Hammond chipx86 at chipx86.com
Mon Mar 26 11:58:26 PDT 2007

Hey everyone.

As some of you are probably aware, we've been converting our icon style in
VMware Workstation 6 to match Tango in order to fit in better with the
desktop. So far, I think we've managed to make the people at work who use
and develop the Windows version of Workstation jealous ;)

We're gearing up for a release and need to know if there's anything special
we need to do to attribute Tango, as per the CC. We have a big file that has
the licenses and copyrights for all the open source software we use, but is
there anything else that is needed?

Also, while the interface looks much nicer now, there are a couple of icons
that stand out as being very out of place. Not Tango icons, but rather icons
from one of Tango's fallback themes. Specifically, the Favorites icon, USB
icon and Memory icon (and a number of people have commented about the
Ethernet icon looking like a kitchen tool or airplane toilet seat, but I'm
less worried about that one). Tango doesn't appear to have versions of these
(correct me if I'm wrong please, though my Ubuntu Feisty install doesn't
show any). This is a shame because the fallbacks just don't fit in.

So we're wondering if that can be corrected :) We're bundling our own
fallbacks for those icons (which the system themes still override, so it's
only useful on older systems or for people not using Tango as their standard
theme). We've just opened nearly all of our non-trademarked icons
(everything I felt comfortable with that didn't include the VMware logo)
under the CC: Attribution license. You can see a list of all the icons here:


The end goal is to provide our icons so that Tango or other projects can use
them. We would, however, be extremely appreciative if Tango bundled either
our or someone else's Favorites, USB and Memory icons :) Any interest in
these? I'd be glad to work with people on improving the icons if anything's
out of place.



Christian Hammond - chipx86 at chipx86.com
VMware, Inc.
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