[Tango-artists] VMware-related Tango questions

André Wyrwa a.wyrwa at gmx.de
Tue Mar 27 12:03:14 PDT 2007


> As for USB icon, you mean the USB logo? I wasn't able to find out the
> use terms on the usb.org website. It looks like the old 'hub' logo isn't
> being used these days anymore anyway. It will be very unlikely to have
> this defined in the naming spec though as 'usb device' is very vague and
> hardly a useful fallback.

I have to disagree, since i'm just running into a situation where it
would be useful.

I'm developing a little python application that among other things scans
for USB devices and genrates a list for the user to pick one. This list
accompanies each entry with a little icon, indicating the device type,
for beauty and usability.

The pick is really absolutely generic...the application is happy with
any device the user is happy with. Now, i have an old IBM Ultrabay
camera which doesn't have native kernel support, but depends on a patch
that gets dug out and adjusted by someone every 20 kernel versions.
Hence the patch doesn't export much info.

One thing that's missing in hals device info is info.category and apart
from that i couldn't find any suitable information (except info.product)
that would give my program a clue as to what kind of device this is.

So i have an unidentified USB device for which a generic USB icon would
be perfect.

Other use cases are tools like hal device manager that would benefit
from a generic usb icon to file the usb device tree under.

I think there are more, so the naming spec should cater for it.

Also, a totally generic icon would be good...something like stock_unkown
or so.


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