[Tango-artists] hi there!

Victor Doman reborn579 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 07:40:15 PDT 2007

it's my first post in this mailing list. i've heard of tango for some
time now, but i didn't really give it too much concern until a few days
ago when i started collecting all the tango icons i could get my hands
on and compiling them into a theme. i wanted to release the theme on
gnome-look.org, and i did, but i deleted it very soon because i see it
was in violation of some licences. anyways... i still want to give it to
some people because i believe it's the biggest tango icons collection
around. there are more than 1500 icons and those are only scalable -
only svgs without the pngs (because i was a bit lazy gathering those as

i'm not going to attach the files here because first i want to know if
it's okay with you. i made this theme mostly for myself so i didn't pay
attention to the licences and i'm not sure i can just redistribute them.
i took the icons from the tango icon generator
from tango unabashed (by Lokeed), from the numerous tango icon sets from
art.gnome.org and gnome-look.org and from these mailing lists.so you
tell me if i can post the archive here.
and i think i might start making some tango icons, especially for the
apps i feel are in need.

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