[Tango-artists] VMware-related Tango questions

Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Thu Mar 29 06:13:26 PDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-03-26 at 11:58 -0700, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Hey everyone.
> As some of you are probably aware, we've been converting our icon
> style in VMware Workstation 6 to match Tango in order to fit in better
> with the desktop. So far, I think we've managed to make the people at
> work who use and develop the Windows version of Workstation
> jealous ;) 

That is really very, very cool. Nice work! :)

> We're gearing up for a release and need to know if there's anything
> special we need to do to attribute Tango, as per the CC. We have a big
> file that has the licenses and copyrights for all the open source
> software we use, but is there anything else that is needed? 
> Also, while the interface looks much nicer now, there are a couple of
> icons that stand out as being very out of place. Not Tango icons, but
> rather icons from one of Tango's fallback themes. Specifically, the
> Favorites icon, USB icon and Memory icon (and a number of people have
> commented about the Ethernet icon looking like a kitchen tool or
> airplane toilet seat, but I'm less worried about that one). Tango
> doesn't appear to have versions of these (correct me if I'm wrong
> please, though my Ubuntu Feisty install doesn't show any). This is a
> shame because the fallbacks just don't fit in. 
> So we're wondering if that can be corrected :) We're bundling our own
> fallbacks for those icons (which the system themes still override, so
> it's only useful on older systems or for people not using Tango as
> their standard theme). We've just opened nearly all of our
> non-trademarked icons (everything I felt comfortable with that didn't
> include the VMware logo) under the CC: Attribution license. You can
> see a list of all the icons here: 
> http://www.chipx86.com/blog/?p=206
> The end goal is to provide our icons so that Tango or other projects
> can use them. We would, however, be extremely appreciative if Tango
> bundled either our or someone else's Favorites, USB and Memory
> icons :) Any interest in these? I'd be glad to work with people on
> improving the icons if anything's out of place. 

I saw the 'read note' and 'unread note' icons. I'd propose to replace
them with opened envelopes and closed envelopes, like I use in my email
client. See the attached screenshot. :)

Kind regards.


> Thanks,
> Christian
> -- 
> Christian Hammond - chipx86 at chipx86.com
> VMware, Inc. 
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