[Tango-artists] VMware-related Tango questions

Christian Hammond chipx86 at chipx86.com
Sat Mar 31 17:27:18 PDT 2007

On 3/27/07, Jakub Steiner <jimmac at novell.com> wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-03-27 at 13:48 -0700, Christian Hammond wrote:
> > Having a generic "USB" icon is quite useful actually. While it's all
> > well and good to have an icon for every type of USB device, you would
> > want a fallback I would think, and sometimes you want to reference the
> > concept of a USB device rather than specific USB devices. For us, it's
> > a definite necessity, as we're indicating "USB support" rather than
> > any one specific device. The icon is saying "You have support for USB
> > for this virtual machine."
> Hi again.
> It's going to be hard to do without being able to use the logo. Maybe
> just having the typical plug/connector will do. The big question remains
> the context/name. Unidentified-device-usb? io-usb? connector-usb?
> bus-usb? controller-usb? Rodney, help! :) For the generic memory -
> memory? memory-ram?

Hey Jakub.

We now have less than two days left in which we can change the names we
refer to. My vote would be bus-usb or controller-usb. I don't really care
which :) I still think we can use the USB pitchfork logo. I haven't been
able to find anything to the contrary. It's only the "USB Certified" logo
they seem protective of (which doesn't include the pitchfork at all).

"memory"  makes sense to me and is being used by other icon themes.

If we don't reach any conclusion before about the middle of Monday (PST),
we're going to have to stick with "usb" and "memory" until 6.1 or 6.5 or
whatever. We'll make the change in that branch and then we'll use the proper
names in the 6.x betas.


Christian Hammond - chipx86 at chipx86.com
VMware, Inc.
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