[Tango-artists] gParted icon

Andreas Nilsson nisses.mail at home.se
Tue Sep 16 01:48:11 PDT 2008

Andreas Nilsson wrote:
> Wolter Hellmund wrote:
>> Hi, there is someone new in the list 8).
>> Some guy in the irc told me that you needed an icon for gparted, so I 
>> made one.
>> Criticize constructively please...
> Hi, and thanks for taking on this icon, the old one has bugged me for 
> ages. :)
> I wonder if a scissor is the best way to convey the function of the 
> application though. It kind of reminds me of cutting credit cards into 
> two pieces, making them useless.
> Perhaps you can try a approach where you divide the different parts of 
> the disk by colors, or possibly as a graph on top of the disk.
Using Google Images to search for "partition icon" might also turn up 
some ideas what others have done in the past.
While you're on it anyway, would you like to look into the colors that 
GParted use in their main interface (and possibly the appearence of the 
partitions in the top part of the interface), the current ones don't 
look good to me.
- Andreas

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