[Tango-artists] Tango in Wine

Joel Holdsworth joel at airwebreathe.org.uk
Fri Apr 17 06:39:06 PDT 2009

> I would recommend having wine follow the Icon Theme Specification, and
> load the icons from the system theme this way, to integrate with the
> rest of the system.

The problem is that these icons have to be baked into the dlls at
compile time as windows resources - that is the way Windows does icons,
so wine has to as well, otherwise it'll cause incompatibilities.

The reason to choose tango icons is because of their high quality, and
because they look good on different colour backgrounds for example.
Also, even though it won't match some themes, the tango style guidelines
will help the wine look less conspicuously bad on a good proportion of
target platforms.

> This could be done by writing a driver back-end that
> uses GTK+ or Qt to load the icons, or by writing an icon theme
> implementation in wine itself. It would also be really sweet if there
> was a GTK+ display driver in wine that used GTK+ to draw the widgets, so
> that wine apps looked the same as the rest of my system, but that's a
> lot more work I think.

This is a similar problem to above. There is a slow push in wine towards
getting Windows UXThemes supported, but for the sake of applications
this will likely have to be provided through windows .theme mechanism.
People want Gtk and Qt-like Wine themes, but these will likely be
provided through theme files crafted to look like Qt and Gtk.

All this because of application compatibility!

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