[Bug 26249] add GObject-Introspection bindings

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--- Comment #25 from Danielle Madeley <danielle.madeley at collabora.co.uk> 2010-04-23 16:25:18 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #23)

> Perhaps one way forward would be to have a struct that wraps a
> GHashTable-with-known-allocation-model, like so:
>     typedef struct { /*<private>*/ GHashTable *asv; } TpAsvBuilder;
>     TpAsvBuilder *builder = tp_asv_builder_new ();
>     GHashTable *asv;
>     tp_asv_builder_set_int64 (builder, "discord", 5);
>     tp_asv_builder_set_uint32 (builder, "towel", 42);
>     asv = tp_asv_builder_finish (builder);
>     tp_asv_builder_destroy (builder);
>     do_something_with (asv);
>     g_hash_table_unref (asv);
> (With hindsight, I should probably have insisted that tp_asv_set_foo work like
> this...)

I did a test where you have to pass an a{sv} map (create_account_async) and
things seem to work perfectly with the map created in JS. I think we can leave
out all a{sv} mangling.

N.B. still haven't tested passing an object path in a map, can't think of a
place where you have to do this as a client.

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