[Telepathy] telepathy-inspector (0.1) released!

Rob Taylor robtaylor at floopily.org
Mon Aug 14 12:33:02 PDT 2006

Daniel d'Andrada Tenorio de Carvalho wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Telepathy Inspector is a telepathy client (GTK+) whose objective is to
> expose all interfaces and functionalities implemented by a given
> connection manager along with its connections, channels, etc.

Brilliant stuff, can't wait to try it! :)

> I hope Tapioca (INdT) and Telepathy (Collabora) can really work
> side-by-side towards that common objective, since it would be win-win
> game for everyone.

Well, I should say that although us guys at Collabora started the idea,
there's a hella lot more people than us working on Telepathy now! I'd
certainly already consider you guys from the Tapioca project as big a
part of the Telepathy community as anyone..

Rob Taylor

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